Awakening is one of the most exhilarating, terrifying and freeing experiences that a human being can have. It is the unlocking of the soul, the unlocking of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is an energetic force that lies coiled at the base of the subtle body. She is a feminine energy that is here to awaken us to the essence of our Soul. By calling in her ancient wisdom we are guided into a deep metamorphosis.

Everything is energy. From the lightest of light to the heaviest, darkest experience imaginable. We are all of this, woven together through lifetimes of genetic lines and DNA. In our evolution as human beings, moving through the denser energies allows us to merge with this light. Kundalini is inviting us to step into a new way of being. One that allows us the freedom and space to reclaim our bodies and our birthright.

As the soul activates, a powerful shift begins. The confines of the mind expand and we shift from the unconscious self to the conscious self.  We come into alignment and are filled with new possibility and new excitement.  This helps us create a different reality.  Where we have experienced pain and conflict, we open into healing, self-love and a deeper understanding of our existence.

Dedicating her life to the exploration of Kundalini energy and healing her spine,  Kelly holds space for clients and students all over the world, aligning and attuning each being with nature and the flow of the universe.

Soul Sessions is a space to explore these energies. This is the healing work that has been transforming Kelly for over 20 years. In return for her own healing, it is her honor to share this work with anyone looking to reconnect into the truth of who they are. Through the awakened energy of Kundalini she is guided into the client’s being, bringing awareness into patterns or structures that block the flow of this potential energy. As Kundalini moves through the body, she creates transformation and aligns the client with their Soul.

One on One

One on one sessions are done in person or via Skype. Kelly guides her clients through a meditation sitting or lying down, creating a relaxing and open space so the unlocking can occur. This extremely subtle work goes into the depth of the unconscious, and clients should prepare for internal transformation resulting in external metamorphosis and ultimately unlocking your fullest potential!

Sessions are at least one hour or more

Investment: First session is 300.00 USD


In relationships, we are constantly mirroring each other. Sometimes projection can occur, making us extrude internal feelings on our partners or loved ones. Sometimes we make our partners responsible for our unconsciousness, for our mess. This creates imbalance and disharmony, and leaves us with the lingering question, “Am I with the right person?” Couples sessions assist in restoring intimacy and deeper compassion for your loved one. These sessions are done with both partners in person or via Skype following the same technique as One on One sessions, but for a longer period of time.

Sessions are at least an hour and a half
Investment: First Session 500.00USD
Every session after is 450.00USD

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